Schmalz Finger Grippers Place Small Products with a Gentle Touch

With the finger gripper OFG, Schmalz has a new gripper in its product range that grips in a tight-fitting and gentle manner. Delicate food products such as doughnuts, chocolate kisses, fruit, and vegetables are packaged safely and kept intact.

The food processing sector benefits from automated operations in efficiency and safety. Equipment for gripping and handling is necessary for this. It must be delivered hygienically and delicately because it comes into direct contact with products that will eventually be served on plates. The new finger gripper OFG from J. Schmalz GmbH can now automatically handle unpacked food goods. Its four silicone fingers, which are slim, rounded, and bendable, resemble the human hand. The finger bends to provide a form fit as the pressure inside the gripper is increased. It retracts if the pressure drops. This enables the OFG to insert delicate goods accurately and delicately into neighboring trays.

Both the main body and the control unit meet particular criteria. Applications in the hygiene industry benefit greatly from the FDA-compliant version. Its PET-P (polyethylene terephthalate) main body was manufactured with a focus on cleaning convenience. As an alternative, the finger gripper has an aluminum main body. This type is appropriate for usage in industrial settings, such as warehouse logistics or as a tool for assembly. Optionally, the gripping force and stability during transfer can be increased by placing a bellows suction cup in the center. The “Controlled” control unit allows parameters to be adjusted by USB or a serial interface, whereas the “Basic” control unit accomplishes opening and closing using vacuum and pressure. The opening angle and grasping force can also be continually adjusted by users who integrate a robot controller. The pressure range in which the OFG functions is from -0.8 to a maximum of 1.6 bar. With a gripper speed of 0.05 seconds, it has a repeatability of 0.06 millimeters. The finger gripper complies with protection level IP68 and is resistant to water and dust up to 200 degrees Celsius.

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